SUSI-LDF LDF Project Closing Event

Following a successful implementation of the two phases during 2015-2020 of the ‘’Suhareka / Suva Reka Smallholder Initiative – Local Development Fund (SUSI – LDF)’’ Project, yesterday on 05th of December 2019 was held a ‘’Project Closing Event’’ where the overall achievements were presented. The project is co-financed by the Austrian Development Agency and the Municipality of Suhareka/ Suva Reka and implemented by Local Development Fund- LDF. The total amount financed during the first phase was € 560,000.00 (ADA- 510,000.00 € and Municipality of Suhareke/ Suva Reka- 50,000.00 €) and during the second phase 615,500.00 € (ADA- 500,000.00 € and Municipality  of Suhareke/ Suva Reka -115,500.00 €).

The overall objective of SUSI-LDF Project was to improve livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Municipality of Suharekë/Suva Reka with particular emphasis on female farmers and rural youth in a sustainable manner.

During her opening remarks, the LDF Director expressed her and the entire LDF’s team appreciation and gratitude to all those who contributed to the LDF, including the donor – ADA , the strategic partner Municipality of Suhareke / Suva Reka  and in particular the LDF Board Chairman, Mr Michael Gold who is giving his extraordinary contribution and support in both strategic and programmatic aspect, since LDF’s establishment to date.

After the remarks on the project by relevant stakeholders, the Project Manager Mrs. Blerta Kuçi made a detailed presentation of the achievements which are presented in brief below.

During the two phases of project implementation, five calls for proposals were organized out of which 709 applications were received and 109 projects have been financed, from 109 beneficiaries 46% were female farmers and 30% youth under 30 years old. The financed projects created 381 new jobs out of which 203 permanent, 178 seasonal, 12 from non-majority communities and 11 people with special needs. We also had 670 indirect beneficiaries as a result of the financed projects.

Special emphasis was given to technical assistance on workshop trainings and demonstration field visits, where over the five-year period 20 consultations have been organized, out of which 263 farmers have been supported through field visits  while 393 farmers have been supported through workshops.

This closing event was attended by key project implementation stakeholders, representatives of  Austrian Development Agency in Pristina,  Municipality of Suhareke/ Suva Reka representatives, beneficiaries farmers and LDF staff.

The LDF Executive Director, Ms. Bernardina Krasniqi emphasized that on behalf of the staff and Board of our organization, she thanked all the stakeholders who enabled our successful journey in project implementation and also committed on sustainability, professionalism and continued cooperation in in the future.