Success story – farmer Ylfete Vataj

Production of free range eggs

Based on lack of financial possibilities in our country we can conclude that there has limited opportunities for an good functioning of businesses. Depended on this situation a small number of farmers can move forward with investments on their farms with self-investments, while most of them requests help from public sector and also from different donors who operate in our country.

Women farmer Ylfete Vata from village Sallagrazhdë which deal with poultry sector and her main objective is production of free range eggs aiming and creating a new brand of BIO production. The main reason for requesting this grant from SUSI-LDF Project is lack of her capacity for financing and functioning of this activity which is main activity from which she is covering all expenses of family.

 “Knowing that the demand for these products free range eggs and poultry meat is increasing every day, I am very motivated to deal with this activity, in meeting the market needs but also to help coverage of family needs and education of children. Thanks to SUSI-LDF Project donation I have fulfil my goals of building a modern farm, increasing the number of chickens and creation of bio eggs. Realizing of this business I have not seen as important only for my family financial incomes, but also influencing the needs of consumers in the best possible way, which also affects the economic development of the country” said Ylfete Vataj.

The Project is realised in the total sum from 9,100.00 (100 %), where the SUSI-LDF Project contribution is 7,280.00 Euro (80 %) while the contribution of the farmer is 1,820.00 (20 %). This project will be sustainable and long-term in job creation, meeting the market needs with these products as there is a huge lack of free-range poultry and natural nutrition.