Success story – farmer Miradije Kabashi

Production of traditional jam and ajvar

Miradije Kabashi is a woman farmer from village Studenqan, Municipality of Suhareke/ Suva Reka. She is one of the beneficiaries of the SUSI-LDF grants, funded by Austrian Development Cooperation. The total amount financed by Austrian Development Cooperation is 6,824.00 Euro while the beneficiary contribution is 1,706.00. Euro.

‘’It is hard to express in words how I appreciate this donation. It was not easy for me as a woman to start with this business. Before we have faced different challenges such as lack of adequate facility and not enough space for the realization of these activities.  I am so thankful to Austrian Development Cooperation for this donation which has changed my life for better’’ says Miradije.

The farmer has managed to finalize the project implementation by the middle of August, 2015. The main aim of the project was to improve the conditions for vegetable and fruit processing. With a grant from Austrian Development Cooperation in amount of 6,824.00 Euro and her own financial contribution in amount of 1,706.00 Euro the beneficiary has managed to construct the semi processing line of fruits and vegetables and renovation of the basement for storage of final products. In addition the grant has been used for purchase of equipment which the farmer will use for processing of fruits and vegetables.

Last year the woman beneficiary has managed to produce around 3,000 kg of processed fruits and vegetables including traditional ajvar, pickled vegetables and jams. From the sales of the mentioned production the family has generated the incomes in amount of around 6,500 Euro. While during this year she has managed  to produce: 2,000 kg of ajvar baked in traditional way, 1,000 kg of jam and 1,000 kg of pickled vegetables. The total incomes generated throughout this period incudes 13,500.00 Euro.

Actually the farmer Miradije Kabashi is selected as a beneficiary of phase two of SUSI-LDF Project and she is in the start of implementation phase of second project.