Success story – farmer Gjelal Sopaj

Production of “Clery” strawberry 

Gjelal  Sopaj is 54 years old from village Sallagrazhde. His family includes 5 members, including parents, his wife and 2 children. Strawberry production has been a tradition in his family for a long time but mostly in subsistence level. Before the grant provision the farmer owns 0.3ha of strawberries in opened field.

‘’I’m moving in the right direction, increasing gradually, I am more than thankful to Austrian Development Cooperation for this donation. Beside my family, this grant will help also for the neighbors since I am engaging them as seasonal workers’’ said Mr. Sopaj

The total amount of the implemented project was 7,989.75 EURO; Contribution of ADA includes: 6,391.80 EURO while contribution of the applicant includes the amount of: 1,597.95 EURO

By the grant taken by ADA, the beneficiary has purchased 18,000 strawberry seedlings and installation of irrigation system for 0.3ha more with strawberry in opened field. Furthermore after the grant provision the farmer has managed to add for 0.5 ha more by his own contribution. He is also the first farmer in the Municipality that has brought a new variety of strawberries in the country called Klery. Currently he owns 1.10 ha area planted with strawberries in opened field and the current productivity for this year was 13,000.00 kg of strawberries. Based on the farmer declaration the generated incomes for this year include 19,500.00 Euro. The family incomes after the grant provision have been increased for 70% comparing with the period before the grant.

Four family members and 7 to 10 other seasonal workers have been engaged for a short period during the harvesting time.