Success story – farmer Ganimete Vataj

Production of milk and dairy

Ganimete Vata  is a 38 years old woman, who is female headed household . She lives in one village in southern part of the country, village Sallagrazhde.  Ganimete should serve as an inspiration for many women around Kosovo who is dealing with livestock sector. Being a mother of three children and a farmer at the same time is a tough job but this can be achieved if you have a strong motivation, passion and support. She and her husband have a long tradition in livestock sector and farming has been the only source of income for them.  ‘’ I am glad and grateful for the grant and the opportunity I was given thanks to Austrian Development Cooperation. This grant has solved my problem of lacking storage and cooling facility for milk and due to this my transport costs have been reduced by 50%’’ says Ganimete.

Through the grant the woman farmer has constructed the milk storage room with the dimensions of 16m2, purchase of lactofreezer 500l and purchase of mill which is being used for production of animal feeding. Before the provision of grant the farmer has 9 milking cows and after the implementation of the project the beneficiary has managed to increase the number of milking cows in 13 (while currently the total number of livestock in this dairy farm is 23 including milking cows and cattle). Actually the daily milk capacity is 120 liters per day which are delivering to the collection point for 0.28 Euro/liter. Throughout these investments the family incomes have been increased for approximately 60% more.