Signing of contracts with beneficiary of first call for farmers in the Municipalities of Dragash, Shterpce and Vitia

On June 29th and July 4th 2017, Local Development Fund – LDF in cooperation with UNDP as partner of implementation of project, have congratulated to all beneficiaries of the first call of project “InTerDev 2” – Component 2 “Grant funding to business initiatives in a gender sensitive manner for the local micro and small enterprises and farmers in the Municipalities of Dragash/Dragaš, Shtërpcë/Štrpce and Viti/Vitina”. A special ceremony was held in Vitia Municipality as a new beneficiary in the project of InTerDev 2, in this ceremony were Ambassador of Austria in Kosovo Mr. Gernot Pfandler, Mayor of Vitia Mr. Sokol Haliti, head of the Austrian Development Agency (ADC) Mr. Gunther Zimmer.
In this call for proposal have benefited 15 farmers, from them: 9 women and 6 men, supported sectors in this call are: 2 beneficiaries in the processing sector (meat processing and vegetable processing), 3 beneficiaries in livestock sector (milk production from cows and goats, goat’s milk processing), 2 beneficiaries with cultivation of free range chicken and 4 beneficiaries in the orchard sector. Local Development Fund – LDF will continue to support farmers in these three municipalities with other calls for proposals in the coming years.